Extreme Weather Is Pummeling The Midwest; Farmers Are In Deep Trouble

"In Kendell Culp’s corner of northwest Indiana, relentless rain began falling on his farm months ago, saturating the ground his family has nurtured for generations and delaying the start of their planting season by more than a week.

It eased up briefly at the end of April, enough time to plant corn on about 350 of his 2,000 acres. Then the rain started falling all over again.

“There’s just not a lot you can do,” he said.

Nearly 90 percent of his corn crop is already growing, as a result of a few dry days and long, strategic hours in the fields. But he has yet to plant a single soybean. Last year, he was done planting everything by the first week of May."

Katie Mettler reports for the Washington Post May 30, 2019.


"Floods and Trump’s Trade War Create an Uncertain Year for Farmers" (New York Times)

Source: Washington Post, 06/03/2019