Female Scientist Who Identified Greenhouse-Gas Effect Never Got Credit

"John Tyndall, an Irish physicist, is usually recognized as the first person to prove the greenhouse-gas effect. But some of the credit should have gone to Eunice Foote, an American scientist, who, save a few mentions, remains largely unknown today.

To correct the scientific wrong, the University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB) is organizing an event titled: “Science knows no gender? In search of Eunice Foote, who 162 years ago discovered the principal cause of global warming” on May 17. Foote’s story was first brought to light by Raymond Sorenson, an independent researcher, in 2011. Since then, UCSB researcher John Perlin has unearthed more details.

Foote was born in Connecticut in 1819 and grew up in Troy, New York. She came by her scientific education, unusual for a woman in that time and place, through a stroke of good fortune. "

Akshat Rathi reports for Quartz May 14, 2018.


"John Perlin Rediscovers Feminist Crusader Who Discovered Climate Change" (Santa Barbara Independent)

Source: Quartz, 05/15/2018