"Fierce Hilary Rolls Into Southern California, Bringing Heavy Rain, Flooding"

"After days of urgent warnings and preparations, Tropical Storm Hilary made landfall in Baja California on Sunday, turning roads into rivers and imperiling homes before barreling north toward Southern California.

As the Southland readied for a deluge, a second whammy came in the form of a magnitude 5.1 earthquake that was centered in Ojai and rocked the region. It was another reminder of Mother Nature’s unpredictable temperament for a region already on edge.

Hilary gave Southern California a preview of its power as its center hit the Baja California peninsula around 11 a.m., some 150 miles south of Ensenada. At least one person was reported drowned in the Mexican town of Santa Rosalia when a vehicle was swept away in an overflowing stream. Rescue workers saved four other people, said Edith Aguilar Villavicencio, the mayor of Mulege township.

“This is an unprecedented weather event,” Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass warned during a morning news conference. “Right now again, it is critical that Angelenos stay safe and stay home unless otherwise directed by safety officials. Avoid unnecessary travel. If you do not need to be on the road, please don’t get in your car. Make sure your emergency kit and essential devices are on hand and ensure that all of your devices are charged in the event of life-threatening emergency.”

Brittny Mejia, Connor Sheets, Jeong Park, Rong-Gong Lin II, Hannah Wiley, Keri Blakinger, Rachel Uranga, and Kate Morrissey report for the Los Angeles Times August 20, 2023.


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Source: LA Times, 08/21/2023