"Fisheries: Report Slams Faulty NOAA Probe Of Observer Deaths"

"A review team today released a long-awaited report that criticizes NOAA Fisheries for not doing enough to investigate the unusual deaths of three fisheries observers, saying in one case there had been 'an information vacuum.'

While all three observers were lost in the line of duty, the causes of their deaths remain inconclusive, and the agency should have done more with other federal agencies to determine what went wrong, the 545-page report concluded.

'While aware that NOAA Fisheries is not an investigative agency, and that jurisdictional and geographical issues were very complex in two of the three cases, the review team believes that more could have been done in cooperation with other agencies involved to pursue more comprehensive and transparent closure of these tragic incidents,' the report said.

Members of an external review team that conducted the study found during field visits that many observers were not even aware that three of their colleagues had died in a single year."

Rob Hotakainen reports for Greenwire May 14, 2018.

Source: Greenwire, 05/15/2018