"Forest Service Says Media Doesn't Need Permit"

"SEATTLE - Faced with increasing criticism of a proposal that would restrict media filming in wilderness areas, the head of the U.S. Forest Service said late Thursday that the rule is not intended to apply to news-gathering activities.

The rule would apply to commercial filming, like a movie production, but reporters and news organizations would not need to get a permit to shoot video or photographs in the nation's wilderness areas, Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell said in a phone interview Thursday.

'The U.S. Forest Service remains committed to the First Amendment,' he said, adding: 'It does not infringe in any way on First Amendment rights. It does not apply to news-gathering activities, and that includes any part of news.'"

Phuong Le reports for the Associated Press September 25, 2014.


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Source: AP, 09/26/2014