Former UW Burn Doctor Hit for Advocacy on Behalf of Flame Retardants

"The University of Washington has admonished a prominent surgeon who told lawmakers questionable stories about burned babies while testifying in favor of flame retardants."

"A university spokeswoman said Dr. David Heimbach violated school policy by failing to obtain permission before doing consulting work for the Citizens for Fire Safety Institute, a front group for flame retardant makers.

The university also concluded that Heimbach violated federal privacy rules by showing photographs of a burned infant at a medical conference without authorization.

'In sum, it is fair to say that the UW is very disappointed in Dr. Heimbach's actions in regard to this issue,' university spokeswoman Tina Mankowski wrote in a statement.

Heimbach's attorney said the doctor followed the rules while educating people on how to prevent burns."

Sam Roe and Patricia Callahan report for the Chicago Tribune June 12, 2012.

Source: Chicago Tribune, 06/13/2012