"Fossil-Fuel Funded Operatives Litter the Mainstream Media"

"Have you ever found yourself reading a news article or op-ed in which an 'expert' from a distinguished-sounding 'think tank' or 'institute' seeks to distort or attack climate change science or, alternately, decries public investment in clean energy solutions, and wonder in whose interest this individual and their organization is operating?"

"Who is funding the proliferation of the anti-renewables, pro-status-quo perspective in all these mainstream media outlets? And why is the media providing them a platform at all, let alone without disclosing the fossil fuel funding behind their misinformation efforts?

Well, today the Checks and Balances Project released a report revealing the extent of this problem in the mainstream media."

Brendan DeMelle reports for DeSmogBlog December 12, 2012.


"Report: Fossil Fuel Front Groups on the Front Page" (Checks and Balances Project)

"News Accounts Rarely Identify Industry Support for Think Tanks -- Study" (E&E Daily/$$ Subscription)

"Major News Outlets Give Fossil-Fuel-Funded Think Tanks a Free Platform" (Mother Jones)

"New Report Highly Critical of Fossil Fuel Groups That Attack US Wind Power" (European Wind Energy Association -- 8/8/12)

Source: DeSmogBlog, 12/13/2012