"Fracking Waste Could Increase Carcinogens in NC Drinking Water"

"Chemicals in water from deep underground in hydraulic fracturing wells have caused problems as they get to water treatment plants in other states. It’s a potential problem to consider as North Carolina moves closer to allowing fracking."

"It began as a routine test of drinking-water quality.

In 2010, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority was taking samples from its distribution system. When the lab results came back, PWSA’s staff was surprised.

'All of a sudden we saw very high – very high – [trihalomethane] levels in the distribution system,' said Stanley States, PWSA’s former director of water quality and production.

Trihalomethanes are byproducts of the process used to disinfect water. Research has linked the chemicals to several health problems, including bladder cancer. The federal government sets limits on their concentration in drinking water."

Gabe Rivin reports for North Carolina Health News May 12, 2014.

Source: NC Health News, 05/13/2014