French State Nuclear Firm EDF Fined €1.5M for Spying on Greenpeace

"France's state energy firm EDF has been fined €1.5m by a Paris court for spying on Greenpeace."

"Its head of nuclear production security in 2006, Pascal Durieux, was given a three-year sentence with two years suspended, and a €10,000 fine for commissioning the spying. The Nanterre court also sentenced the security No 2 in 2006, Pierre-Paul François, to three years, 30 months suspended.

EDF has also been ordered to pay €500,000 in damages to Greenpeace. ...

EDF is the world's biggest nuclear energy supplier; it owns the UK nuclear power operator, British Energy, and is a major sponsor of the London Olympics. It was charged with complicity in concealing stolen documents and complicity to intrude on a computer network.

EDF and Greenpeace have fought for years over France's power production, more than three-quarters of it nuclear. According to confidential court testimony released by a French website, Mediapart, two years ago, EDF had organised surveillance not only of Greenpeace in France, but broadly across Europe since 2004."
Hanna Gersmann reports for the Guardian November 10, 2011.


"EDF Fined for Spying on Greenpeace Nuclear Campaign" (BBC News)

Source: Guardian, 11/11/2011