"Fukushima Fishermen Watch Recovery Slip Away"

"Their lives are back in limbo because of the massive radioactive water leakage discovered at the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant."

"SOMA, Japan — For much of his life, Koichi Matsumoto, 58, happily slipped out of bed in the dead of night to work on a fishing trawler.

But these days, his catch is tree branches, tires and other rubble still adrift since the massive earthquake and tsunami that shook Japan more than two years ago.

'It feels as if we're right back where we were after the disaster,' which struck March 11, 2011, said Matsumoto, a third-generation fisherman and head of the trawl boat unit at the 1,000-member Soma-Futaba fisheries cooperative."

Yuriko Nagano reports for the Los Angeles Times October 20, 2013.


"Whether Tepco Fails Or Not, It’S Taxpayers’ Tab" (Japan Times)

"Radioactive Water Leaks at Fukushima as Operator Underestimates Rainfall" (Reuters)

Source: LA Times, 10/21/2013