G20 Summit May Sideline Climate to Keep Trump Happy During Trade Talks

"Those hoping for political leadership in the face of the climate emergency are in for yet more disappointment, with the G20 group of powerful nations possibly set to avoid strong commitments to tackling the issue.

The G20 will hold a summit in Osaka, Japan later this week. According to the Financial Times, which saw the draft communiqué prepared by the Japanese government, the document avoids phrases such as “global warming” and “decarbonization” in an apparent capitulation to the demands of the U.S.

The climbdown comes as the U.S. and Japan are engaged in trade talks, and the FT cited analysts as saying Japan was trying to “placate” the Trump administration on that front. If the talks fail, President Trump is likely to hit the country with tariffs on its economically crucial auto sector."

David Meyer reports for Fortune June 25, 2019.


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Source: Fortune, 06/26/2019