Gas Stoves Making Indoor Air Up To 5X Dirtier Than Outdoor Air: Report

"Gas cookers making people sick and exposing tens of millions to air pollution levels that would be illegal if they were outside".

"Gas stoves are making people sick, contributing pollution that makes indoor air up to two to five times dirtier than outdoor air, according to a new report.

Despite the risks, regulators have failed to set standards for indoor air quality – a problem that is now likely to be exacerbated by large numbers of people spending time inside and cooking at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fossil-fuel-burning stoves are likely exposing tens of millions of Americans to air pollution levels that would be illegal if they were outside, concludes the review of decades of science by the Rocky Mountain Institute and multiple environmental advocacy groups.

Lead report author Brady Seals said little attention has been paid despite longstanding knowledge of the problem. “Somehow we’ve gotten accustomed to having a combustion device, often unvented, inside of the home,” Seals said."

Emily Holden reports for the Guardian May 5, 2020.

Source: Guardian, 05/06/2020