"Georgia Leads Nation in Power From Outdated Coal Units"

"Georgia tops all other states for the amount of power it generates from coal-burning units that are “ripe for retirement” because they aren’t cost-effective, according to a Union of Concerned Scientists report."

"The report compared the cost of upgrading pollution controls at old coal-fired units to the cost of shutting down those units and switching to natural gas or cleaner sources such as wind power.

In Georgia, the report identified 22 coal units, which can produce 34.7 million megawatt hours of electricity a year, that should be shut down at Crisp, Mitchell, Kraft, Harlee Branch, Bowen, Hammond and Yates power plants. All but one are owned by Georgia Power."

S. Heather Duncan reports for the Macon Telegraph November 14, 2012.

Source: Macon Telegraph, 11/15/2012