"Georgia Nuclear Power Plant Could Be Solyndra Redux, Report Says"

"A report by two energy-consulting firms says the US government has not protected US taxpayers well enough against the risks of federal loan guarantees to a new nuclear power project."

"Construction of the first newly licensed US nuclear power plant in decades could become a 'Solyndra-like' debacle thanks to billions in federal loan guarantees whose terms appear too weak to protect taxpayers, according to one group’s analysis of internal documents released by the US Department of Energy.

The two-reactor $14 billion Vogtle plant being built in Georgia is seen as a test of the US nuclear industry's planned 'renaissance' with a new nuclear reactor design and updated construction processes all aimed at cutting time and costs.

But two Massachusetts-based energy-consulting firms, Earth Track and Synapse Energy Economics, say the $8.3 billion in federal loan guarantees backing the project were crafted with excessively favorable financial terms for the recipient companies, weak federal oversight, and possible political interference in the loan-guarantee process."

Mark Clayton reports for the Christian Science Monitor January 30, 2013.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 01/31/2013