German Court Upholds Wiretaps Of Climate Activists' Calls To Press

"A court in Bavaria has ruled that police were right in wiretapping phone calls between members of the Last Generation climate activist group and journalists."

"The Munich District Court on Wednesday ruled in favor of police over their wiretapping of phone calls between the Last Generation climate activist group and its press contacts.

The German court, which issued an order allowing the surveillance, ruled that the violation of the freedom of the press could be justified because of the threat posed by the group's actions.

The court rejected six complaints filed by journalists over the surveillance of their communications with the activist group, which is well-known in Germany for blockading road traffic.

The court found that a surveillance order had been correctly issued by a judge and that the surveillance had been carried out according to the law."

Richard Connor reports for DW November 29, 2023.

Source: DW, 12/01/2023