"Girding for a Republican Gavel at Climate Hearings"

"In the wake of Election Day, prepare for a new round of politicized skirmishes in the never-ending climate wars, with the battleground shifting once again to Capitol Hill hearing rooms.

Many climate scientists, still reeling from a year of  largely unsubstantiated accusations and attacks, are already girding for battle, with some publicly decrying the prospect of congressional hearings on climate science under the near certain shift to Republican control of the House.

 Michael Mann, the climatologist at Pennsylvania State University who has for years been a focal point for assaults on climate science, made the point most directly in a recent Op-Ed article in the Washington Post. He listed some of the elected officials who have used, or plan to use, their offices to probe the integrity of climate research and rejected any claim that such efforts are about revealing the truth."

Andrew C. Revkin reports for Dot Earth November 2, 2010.

Source: Dot Earth, 11/03/2010