"Google’s Own Scientists Ask Google To Stop Funding Climate Deniers"

"Google’s climate scientists are not happy with the company’s political support for climate science denying Senator James Inhofe (R-OK)."

"In 2011, the search giant launched the Google Science Communication Fellows effort, 'to help foster a more open, transparent and accessible scientific dialogue.' 21 scientists were part of group that included climate scientists such as Julia Cole, Frank Davis, Andrew Dessler, and Eugene Cordero.

The dialogue took an unexpected turn on Thursday, when 17 of those fellows wrote a letter to Chairman Eric Schmidt and CEO Larry Page, saying that though Google is a business and has to work with both parties to serve its interests, 'there are times where companies like Google must display moral leadership and carefully evaluate their political bedfellows.'"

Ryan Koronowski reports for Climate Progress August 1, 2013.

Source: Climate Progress, 08/05/2013