"Grijalva: Climate Letters Went Too Far in Seeking Correspondence"

"The House Democrat defended his push for disclosure of funding sources, but says a request for professors’ communications was an 'overreach'."

"A prominent Democrat probing outside funding for seven university professors who stake out skeptical or controversial positions on climate change said his request for their correspondence with funders and others was an "overreach."

But Rep. Raul Grijalva is also strongly defending his search for ties between fossil-fuel interests and climate research against charges that it's a "witch hunt," arguing that the thrust of the inquiry is aimed at providing important disclosures.

The Arizona Democrat sent letters last week to seven universities seeking information on the sources and amounts of external funding for research, consulting, travel, and more.

The letters also broadly asked for "communication" regarding the funding, and communication related to testimony to Congress and other bodies prepared by the professors."

Ben Geman reports for the National Journal March 2, 2015.


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Source: National Journal, 03/03/2015