Group Says Poll Shows Small Business Owners Support Clean Water Rules

"WASHINGTON — A progressive business advocacy group said that small business owners from around the country support greater efforts by the federal government to protect the nation’s water, according to a poll the group commissioned.

The poll of small-business owners found that two-thirds were concerned about the impact water pollution could have on their businesses, and 80 percent favored extending federal clean water protections to streams and wetlands. Support on the second issue was strongest among Democrats, at 91 percent, but Republicans and independents also polled above 70 percent.

For that finding, respondents were asked: 'One third of the nation’s waters do not now meet swimming and fishing water quality standards, due largely to upstream pollution in streams and wetlands. Would you favor or oppose ensuring that the federal rules that now protect our lakes and rivers also protect both the headwater streams that flow into our sources of drinking water, and the wetlands which filter pollution and prevent floods?'"

Chris Adams reports for the McClatchy Washington Bureau July 24, 2014.

Source: McClatchy, 07/28/2014