"GTAC President May Face Charges Of Water Pollution In Spain"

"Bill Williams, the president of the company that wants to open a $1.5 billion iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin, is being charged with contaminating an emergency water supply at a mine in Spain."

"Antonio Ramos, the mining investigator for the Spanish environmental coalition called “Ecologists in Action”, been monitoring a string of copper mines near the city of Seville for 13 years. He says the mines have had trouble with pollution, including the Cobre Las Cruces copper mine. Ramos says that the mining company allowed arsenic and other heavy metals to get into a water aquifer for the city of 700,000 people.

“The water is reserved for the city of Seville in case of an emergency,” said Ramos through an interpreter in an interview with WPR. Ramos added that so far, no one has been injured by the pollution."

Mike Simonson reports for Wisconsin Public Radio January 2, 2014.

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio, 01/03/2014