"Heat Pump Push Sparks Gas-Electric Battle Over Home Efficiency"

"The Biden administration’s push to use emergency wartime powers and dole out billions in energy efficiency rebates to back electric heat pumps has spurred protests from natural gas utilities defending their turf.

The administration’s goal of installing 500,000 electric-powered heat pumps—and growing state requirements to electrify buildings—ignores the efficiency and cost benefits of gas-fired heating systems, said Rick Murphy, managing director of energy markets for the American Gas Association.

“At the end of the day, you’ll really need all the solutions on the table,” Murphy said.

That view clashes with the administration and energy efficiency advocates who champion electric heat pumps—in tandem with other home improvements like insulation and windows—for their ability to decarbonize homes while lowering energy bills."

Daniel Moore reports for Bloomberg Environment December 8, 2022.


Source: Bloomberg Environment, 12/08/2022