"A High Risk of Failure? Power Grid Put To the Test"

"Extreme weather is putting America’s power grid to the test, with a year-long run of violent storms and record heat battering a system built for fairer skies."

"As the eastern United States struggles to recover from yet another weather shock, energy officials are acknowledging climate change as a force that finally has to be reckoned with -- even as concern grows over other threats that can set off catastrophic blackouts.

Winter storms, chains of heat waves and late June’s 'super derecho' -- a thunderstorm with straight-line winds that snapped electrical transmission towers and shredded power poles -- have forced the climate change issue and electric supply vulnerability to the top of an already-daunting list of blackout triggers. Those threats range from computer-hacking cyberterrorists to solar flares, utility mistakes and plain bad luck."

Jeff Montgomery, Dan D’Ambrosio, Greg Clary, and Todd B. Bates report for the Asbury Park Press August 27, 2012.

Source: Asbury Park Press, 08/27/2012