"Hippos, Sharks Up For Protection At UN Wildlife Conference"

"Hippos poached for their skin and teeth, sharks targeted by the fin trade and a tiny frog with translucent skin are among the hundreds of species that could get greater protection at a United Nations wildlife conference opening Monday.

The 184-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora or (CITES), meeting over the next two weeks in Panama, will consider tightening trade regulations on around 600 plants and animals potentially at risk of extinction. Nine other species are recommended for less restrictive international trade regulations.

“CITES goal is to ensure that these wild species can survive in the wild for future generations,” Secretary-General Ivonne Higuero told The Associated Press. “The concern is that if we don’t regulate that trade, too much will be used, too much will be traded and enter into commerce because it’s highly valuable.”"

Michael Casey reports for the Associated Press November 14, 2022.

Source: AP, 11/16/2022