"Hoaxers Target New Chevron Advertising Campaign"

"Chevron Corp. launched a new advertising campaign on Monday to address negative perceptions of big oil companies, but a bogus release and website by activist hoaxers and an environmental group quickly sought to turn the tables on the company.

Chevron announced its 'We Agree' print and video campaign, designed to highlight its efforts to develop renewable energy, create jobs and support local communities.

But a hoax press release sent to media outlets by the Yes Men and the Rainforest Action Network hours ahead of the Chevron release, complete with fake quotes from Chevron executives and ersatz Chevron website, sought to point a finger at the company's environmental controversies.

One of the spoof adds read 'Oil companies should fix the problems they create,' stamped with 'We agree' in red ink."

Reuters had the story October 18, 2010.

Source: Reuters, 10/19/2010