"Horsemeat Scandal: How Often Does Food Fraud Happen?"

"The mystery of how horsemeat got into Findus beef lasagne has led to an international hunt already taking in four countries.

The meat appears to have arrived in the UK via a factory in Luxembourg belonging to French food supplier Comigel. It reached there from Spanghero, a food plant in France, which in turn received horsemeat from Romania. ...

Many, including Environment Secretary Owen Paterson, suspect criminal gangs are to blame. ...

There has always been food fraud. Once upon a time it might have been watered down beer or bread adulterated with sawdust.

Today, rising food prices, long supply chains and high mark ups on some foods have made fraud easier and more profitable."

Tom de Castella and Brian Wheeler report for BBC News Magazine February 11, 2013.


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Source: BBC, 02/12/2013