"House Bill Cuts Renewable Energy Budget"

"The House on Wednesday voted to slash money for renewable energy research and defy the Obama administration's decision to close the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in a bare-bones annual spending bill for energy and water programs."

"The Republican-crafted bill has little support in the Democratic-led Senate and faces a White House veto, but makes clear the stark divisions over policy as Congress and the White House look toward an autumn showdown over spending, taxes and the debt ceiling.

The bill, which passed 227-198, approves $30.4 billion for Energy Department programs, Army Corps of Engineers projects and Energy Department nuclear weapons maintenance for the budget year beginning in October. That's $2.9 billion below what was enacted for 2013, before the automatic cuts or sequestration kicked in, and $4.1 billion below what President Barack Obama asked for in his budget proposal."

Jim Abrams reports for the Associated Press July 10, 2013.


"House Passes $30.4 Billion Energy-Water Spending Measure" (Bloomberg)

Source: AP, 07/11/2013