"House Panel Advances Bill To Limit Greenhouse Gas Restrictions"

"A House committee on Tuesday advanced a bill that would block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases, boosting a top Republican priority and taking aim at the Obama administration and states like California that favor tougher regulations.

The bill was approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee in a largely party-line vote. Republicans argued that action by the EPA, coming after Congress failed to pass a global warming bill, would impose burdensome and unnecessary rules on industry.

Democrats cast the measure as a skirmish in an ongoing GOP war on the science of global warming. The bill is unlikely to win significant support in the Senate, where Democrats hold the majority."

Kathleen Hennessey reports for the Los Angeles Times March 16, 2011.


"Senate Democrats Scramble To Defend EPA" (Politico)

Source: LA Times, 03/16/2011