House Passes Spending Bill With EPA Cuts, Riders Targeting Obama Rules

"The House today approved a wide-ranging fiscal 2018 spending package that makes cuts in funding to U.S. EPA and the Interior Department, among other agencies, while adding several policy provisions aimed at limiting Obama-era environmental and energy policies.

The omnibus, which contains eight of the 12 annual spending bills, got a 211-198 vote largely along party lines, a signal that coming to a final accord with the Senate on spending won't be easy.

Congress has about 2 ½ months to work out a final deal, with a stopgap funding measure for agencies running out Dec. 8. The House passed four other appropriations measures before the summer recess.

After plowing through more than 300 amendments over the past two weeks, the House weighed a few final provisions this morning before final passage."

George Cahlink reports for Greenwire September 14, 2017.

Source: Greenwire, 09/15/2017