"How American Food Companies Go GMO-Free In A GMO World"

"Quite possibly, you've noticed some new food labels out there, like 'Not made with genetically modified ingredients' or 'GMO-free.' You might have seen them on boxes of Cheerios, or on chicken meat. If you've shopped at Whole Foods, that retailer says that it now sells more than 3,000 products that have been certified as 'non-GMO.'"

"But where does non-GMO food come from? After all, 90 percent of America's corn and soybeans are genetically modified, and producers of eggs, milk, and meat rely on those crops to feed their animals. Soy oil and corn starch are used throughout the industry. Can big food companies really avoid GMOs?

Looking for the answer, I ended up at one of the first links in the non-GMO supply chain: A corn processing facility just north of the small town of Cerro Gordo, in west-central Illinois."

Dan Charles reports for NPR's Morning Edition February 4, 2014.

Source: NPR, 02/04/2014