"How Backyard Grilling Can Increase Air Pollution"

"Listen to Harvey Gebhard talk about grilling and you can almost smell the smoke. Gebhard is the CEO of the Lone Star Barbecue Society, a group that organizes charity cook-offs."

"'Get the smoke going, and stand over it and let the smoke get in your eyes,' he advised me in a recent interview. '[Your eyes] get to watering, and your nose gets to running, and all your friends come around. ‘Hey man, what are you cooking!? Hey man, when’s it gonna be ready!?' ...

As you can tell, the appeal of grilling isn’t all about the food for Gebhard. It’s about the smoke.  For him, recent research from The University of California, Davis is about as unwelcome as rain on the Fourth of July. The study highlights the danger of smoke from outdoor grilling to public health."

Mose Buchele reports for NPR's State Impact Texas July 3, 2013.

Source: NPR, 07/04/2013