How The Government Is Rebranding ‘Climate Change’ In The Age Of Trump

"'Climate change' is out. 'Resilience' is in. 'Victims of domestic violence' are now 'victims of crime.' Foreign aid for refu­gee rights has become aid to protect 'national security.' 'Clean energy investment' has been transformed into just plain 'energy' investment.

The federal government is undergoing a rebranding under President Trump — although not all at his direction.

As Trump sets new priorities for Washington sharply at odds with what the town has seen for the past eight years, some officials working on hot-button issues such as the environment, nutrition and foreign aid are changing the names of offices and programs that might draw skepticism from the conservative Republican leaders he has installed atop agencies."

Chris Mooney and Lisa Rein report for the Washington Post May 26, 2017.

Source: Washington Post, 05/29/2017