"How the United States Fails Its Most Important Fish Habitats"

"A new report concludes U.S. waters “have insufficient protections for a healthy future,” and that the problem has gotten worse under the Trump administration."

"“No wetlands, no seafood,” reads a popular bumper sticker in coastal North Carolina.

This argument is simple, eye-catching and undeniably true from a scientific perspective: if we want healthy populations of fish, crabs and shrimp, we need to protect key habitat where they live, breed and feed.

But do we?

The answer to that question, according to new report from the Center for American Progress, is a resounding no.

Not only that, things have gotten worse for fish habitats — and consequently, fisheries — since the Trump administration took office. And that puts fish populations, ecosystems, and part of the human food system at risk."

David Shiffman reports for the Revelator July 20, 2020.

Source: Revelator, 07/23/2020