"Hundreds of Abandoned Wells Leaking Methane in Alberta Communities"

"Tyee obtains unreleased report that shows leaks pose threats to health, explosion risk."

"About 10 per cent of Alberta’s 1,500 abandoned oil and gas wells in urban areas are leaking methane, in some cases at levels that create the risk of health damage and explosions, according to an unreleased 2016 report.

The unpublished study by the Alberta Energy Regulator, obtained by The Tyee, identified 335 urban wells that were 'believed to be in close proximity to surface developments (houses, airports, business, etc.).'

The 33-page study found that 36 of the abandoned wells were leaking methane. Nine of those wells were leaking at a level that Alberta Health says poses a risk of neurological damage to nearby residents."

Andrew Nikiforuk reports for The Tyee June 28, 2017.

Source: The Tyee, 06/30/2017