"Hurricane Sandy Hasn’t Shifted Climate Narrative"

"In the year since Hurricane Sandy struck the Mid-Atlantic, news articles have widely declared that the storm has 'changed the public’s view of weather threats' and that 'resilience' would be the environmental buzzword of 2013. That sounds all well and good, but are headlines enough to move public opinion and spark new discussions?"

"Signs seem to point to 'no.' Policy has moved forward in a number of the states most affected by Sandy. But the broader U.S. public has shown little interest in carrying that conversation to the national level, and despite proclamations otherwise, the media has been equally disengaged.

'Climate adaptation,' 'disaster preparedness,' and 'sea level rise' — the most robust tie between Sandy and manmade global warming — are three key terms associated with Sandy."

Brian Kahn reports for Climate Central October 29, 2013.


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Source: Climate Central, 10/30/2013