"The Incandescent Bulb Heads Offstage After Century-Long Performance"

"Earlier this month, when Ikea announced this will be its last year selling incandescent light bulbs, the retailer billed it as an early, pro-sustainability move before federal law 'bans' the famously inefficient lamps.

Yet even after the phaseout is complete on New Year's Day, Ikea shoppers will still find bulbs that, technically, are incandescents, but they will be pricier and more efficient than their elderly cousins.

The lighting industry hopes to get a final financial flicker from the incandescent light bulb by making it more efficient before it heads off the commercial stage."

Saqib Rahim reports for ClimateWire June 28, 2010.

Source: ClimateWire, 06/29/2010