Industry Poisoned A Black Neighborhood In Houston. Is Buyout The Solution?

"“Do you have to lose your history, your culture, or your identity in that process?”"

"Leisa Glenn spent decades living in the Fifth Ward, a historically Black neighborhood in Houston, known for having one of the city’s best views of downtown. Every July 4th, Glenn, 65, and her neighbors would stream out of their houses into the summer heat and crowd onto front porches to watch the fireworks display.

She remembers the smell of the barbeque pit charring hot dogs and how neighbors would gather on every surface outside to watch: on top of cars, in folding chairs, and on porch steps.

“To look at the skyline at night, downtown, every night in different colors, and when they light it up — it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” said Glenn.

Over the years, however, this crowd got smaller and smaller. Neighbors fell sick. Others moved away."

Siri Chilukuri reports for Grist (co-published with Houston Public Media) March 6, 2024.

Source: Grist, 03/07/2024