"Infrastructure: Trump Leaves The Details To Congress"

"After two years of congressional clamoring for more details on his much-touted infrastructure plan, President Trump's vague State of the Union call for lawmakers to send him a bipartisan package raised new questions over whether the issue could take off in the 116th Congress.

"I was expecting more," said Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), a onetime Trump energy adviser and a close ally of the president, after the speech.

He acknowledged that Trump laid out "a little more specificity" in last year's annual address to Congress but suggested that the president may have created an opening for members to step in and fill in the policy details.

"This time, he just laid down the challenge, and it's up to us," Cramer said.

Although the White House signaled that infrastructure would be a major component of the speech, Trump devoted just a handful of lines to the issue."

Geof Koss and Nick Sobczyk report for E&E Daily February 6, 2019.


"Congress on Trump Infrastructure Call: ‘We Didn’t See Any Money’" (Bloomberg Environment)

Source: E&E Daily, 02/07/2019