Interior Politicals Remove Climate Change Language From News Release

"On Thursday, a group of scientists, including three working for the U.S. Geological Survey, published a paper that highlighted the link between sea-level rise and global climate change, arguing that previously studies may have underestimated the risk flooding poses to coastal communities.

However, three of the study’s authors say the Department of Interior, under which USGS is housed, deleted a line from the news release on the study that discussed the role climate change played in raising Earth’s oceans.

'While we were approving the news release, they had an issue with one or two of the lines,' said Sean Vitousek, a research assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 'It had to do with climate change and sea-level rise.'"

Dino Grandoni reports for the Washington Post May 22, 2017.

Source: Washington Post, 05/23/2017