Interior Sued For ‘Secretive Process’ In At-Risk Species Assessment

"Center for Biological Diversity says new program bypasses findings and leaves decisions to employees who are not experts"

"Environmental advocates are suing Donald Trump’s interior department for using what they call a secretive process that ignores science in refusing protections for at-risk species.

The Center for Biological Diversity says a new program called the Species Status Assessment bypasses findings from scientists and leaves protection decisions to career federal employees who are not experts and may be under pressure from their bosses.

“It’s like going into the hospital and having a team of doctors diagnose you and then leaving the decision up to the chief financial officer of the hospital about what treatment they’re going to pursue,” said Ryan Shannon, an attorney for the group. “There’s a disconnect here.”"

Emily Holden reports for the Guardian November 8, 2018.

Source: Guardian, 11/09/2018