"Interpol Targets Criminals Who Subvert Carbon Markets"

"LYON, France -- Securities fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, money laundering and cybercrime – the intangible nature of the global carbon trading markets puts them at risk for exploitation by criminal networks, according to a new law enforcement guide produced by Interpol."

"The world’s largest international police organization has just issued “The Interpol Guide to Carbon Trading Crime,” which examines the areas within the industry that could be manipulated by criminals. It assesses the current vulnerabilities of the carbon market and provides information to support national authorities in establishing adequate policing measures.

Carbon trading is the world’s fastest growing commodities market, with its current value estimated by the World Bank at around US$176 billion. There are no physical commodities, instead the market trades credits for offsetting the emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide with the aim of limiting global climate change. Interpol says it is this unquantifiable market combined with the large amounts of money invested and a lack of oversight that makes it vulnerable to criminals."

Environment News Service had the story August 12, 2013.

Source: ENS, 08/13/2013