"Investigators Search for Clues at West Fertilizer Co. Blast Epicenter"

"State and federal  investigators on Sunday began their  first in-depth look at the cratered epicenter of a fertilizer plant explosion that killed at least 14 people, including about 10 volunteer firefighters and the residents who tried to help them extinguish a fire at the site."

"Investigators said their priority is to piece together how firefighters responded, what tactics they used to fight the fire and where the men were when they died. They want to determine what started the fire, what triggered the blast and what chemicals were kept at the plant.

“That’s what we’re going to be doing today, for the next couple days, is getting in the hole and start digging that out and see what transpired to cause this devastation in this area,” said Robert Champion."

Brandon Formby reports for the Dallas Morning News April 21, 2013.


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Source: Dallas Morning News, 04/22/2013