As Irma and Harvey Slam the U.S., Climate Deniers Remain Steadfast

"The toll on Texas and risks to Florida and the islands from massive storms in an era of global warming did little to sway officials who deny climate change."

"With the lives of Texans and Floridians upended by back-to-back superstorms, one thing hasn't been shaken: climate change denial.

Hurricane Harvey, which broke the continental U.S. rainfall record with its deluge of southeast Texas, and Hurricane Irma, barreling toward South Florida as one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded, epitomize the consensus science warnings of heightened risks in a warming world. The last peer-reviewed National Climate Assessment, in 2014, highlighted extreme precipitation and the increasing intensity of Atlantic hurricanes as looming perils for the United States.

But steadfast opponents of action on global warming are either sticking to their guns or avoiding comment, while Trump administration officials declare it inappropriate to discuss climate amid tragedy."

Marianne Lavelle reports for InsideClimate News Septmeber 8, 2017.


"Hurricane Irma Linked to Climate Change? For Some, a Very ‘Insensitive’ Question." (New York Times)

Source: InsideClimate News, 09/11/2017