"Island Nations Hope for Court’s Help on Climate’s Effects"

"A tribunal is expected to issue an advisory opinion on behalf of Pacific and Caribbean countries on whether greenhouse gases are pollutants that violate international law."

"A group of small island nations threatened by frequent storms and rising seas is for the first time appearing before an international court to seek its help, hoping for a decision that excessive greenhouse gases are pollutants that violate international law.

If the group’s request is successful, the court’s opinion could lead to wide-ranging claims for damages.

Hearings in the case opened on Monday at the request of nine Pacific and Caribbean island nations that have joined. The sessions at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, Germany, are expected to last for two weeks and have drawn wide attention.

Representatives of more than 50 countries, including large emitters of greenhouse gases including China, India and European Union members, have asked to participate via oral or written interventions."

Marlise Simons  reports for the New York Times September 11, 2023.

Source: NYTimes, 09/12/2023