"It's Not Just Alberta: Warming-Fueled Fires Are Increasing"

"WASHINGTON — Alberta's unusually early and large fire is just the latest of many gargantuan fires on an Earth that's grown hotter with more extreme weather.

Earlier this year, large wildfires hit spots on opposite ends of the world — Tasmania and Oklahoma-Kansas. Last year, Alaska and California pushed the U.S. to a record 10 million acres burned. Massive fires hit Siberia, Mongolia and China last year and Brazil's fire season has increased by a month over the past three decades.

It got so bad that in 2009, Australia added a bright red "catastrophic" to its fire warning index."

Seth Borenstein reports for the Associated Press May. 10, 2016.


"New Era Of 'Super Fires' As Climate Change Triggers Hotter, Drier Weather" (CNBC)

Source: AP, 05/11/2016