"Jordan River, Jesus' Baptism Site, Is Today Barely a Trickle"

"ALONG THE JORDAN RIVER — Kristen Burckhartt felt overwhelmed. She needed time to reflect, to let it sink in that she had just briefly soaked her feet in the water where Jesus is said to have been baptized, in the Jordan River.

“It’s very profound,” said the 53-year-old visitor from Indiana. “I have not ever walked where Jesus walked, for one thing.”

Tourists and pilgrims come to the site from near and far, many driven by faith, to follow in Christ’s footsteps, to touch the river’s water, to connect with biblical events.

Symbolically and spiritually, the river is of mighty significance to many. Physically, the Lower Jordan River of today is a lot more meager than mighty."

Mariam Fam reports for the Associated Press August 18, 2022.


"Saving Sacred Rivers" (AP)

Source: AP, 08/23/2022