Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Portraying Green Activism as Illegal Racket

"The fight isn't over yet. Lawyers for the logging company that sued plan to refile the complaint, and they have a similar lawsuit on behalf of a pipeline company."

"A federal judge on Monday dismissed a Canadian logging company's lawsuit against Greenpeace and another activist group that accused them of running a criminal enterprise through their environmental campaigns.

The case is one of two brought by corporations against the environmental group and several of its peers that invoke federal racketeering law. Legal and environmental experts have described the legal tactic as a new and particularly dangerous example of corporations and wealthy individuals attempting to silence opponents.

"We are pleased the court unequivocally threw out this attempt to abuse our legal system and silence legitimate criticism," Greenpeace USA's general counsel, Tom Wetterer, said in a statement."

Nicholas Kusnetz reports for InsideClimate News October 16, 2017.

Source: InsideClimate News, 10/17/2017