Koch Pet Coke Cloud Blows From US to Canada

"Stunning footage of dust coming from Detroit-side stockpiles of the heavy crude byproduct deepens environmental concerns."

"The massive cloud of dust sweeping across the Detroit River was thick and black. Within seconds of spotting it, Windsor resident Randy Emerson knew, with a sinking feeling, exactly what it was.

'Is that the pet coke?' Emerson, who captured stunning YouTube footage of the cloud on his cellphone at the Windsor waterfront on Saturday evening, asked his wife.

'Oh my God,' he concluded. 'Yep — that’s pet coke.'

For months, tall black piles of petroleum coke, commonly called pet coke, have been controversially stored on industrial property in Detroit near the Ambassador Bridge, prompting concerns from local residents over potential environmental and health impacts."

Rachel Mendleson reports for the Toronto Star July 31, 2013.


"Pet Coke Cloud Blows Across Detroit River (VIDEO)" (Huffington Post)

Source: Toronto Star, 08/01/2013