"Lake Ontario ‘Aquatic Landfill’ To Contain 150-Year-Old Toxic Blob"

"A $139-million underwater box the size of six city blocks is being built to contain an underwater contaminated zone in Hamilton’s Randle Reef for some 200 years. While critics point out the answer to the steel town’s historic pollution shouldn’t be found in making more steel, others say the technique should be considered for other toxic sites in Canadian waters".

"A federal government scientist named Tom Murphy was out on his boat on Lake Ontario in 1988, taking samples of lakebed sediment, when he pulled up a scoop of oozing black goo.

His upper lip went numb.

He detected the pungent, sour smell of mothballs — naphthalene, a carcinogen produced in coal tar distillation. “We quickly could smell that there were a lot of volatile compounds,” Murphy says."

Kelly Bennett reports for The Narwhal June 6, 2020.

Source: The Narwhal, 06/10/2020