"'At Last, We Have A Deal': Senate Voting Today On $2T Stimulus"

"The Senate is expected to vote today on a massive stimulus package worth $2 trillion in response to the coronavirus outbreak. ...

According to a letter Schumer sent to Democrats, the deal does not include $3 billion sought by Republicans and the Trump administration to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Other Democratic wins would boost the Disaster Relief Fund by $30 billion and increase emergency transit funding by $25 billion.

While the deal has limits preventing airlines from receiving aid from buying back stock and boosting CEO bonuses, Schumer's letter does not reference aviation carbon limits sought by some Democrats in recent days.

Nor does it address clean energy tax credits sought by renewable sectors, environmentalists and Democrats but ridiculed by Republicans this week."

Geof Koss and Manuel Quiñones report for E&E Daily March 25, 2020.

Source: E&E Daily, 03/25/2020