"Lawmakers Push to Ban Russian Oil Imports, Amid White House Resistance"

"Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are pursuing the ban to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, but the White House is opposed, warning of energy price spikes."

"WASHINGTON — Republicans and Democrats in Congress are pushing President Biden to ban Russian energy imports as they search for new ways to punish Moscow for its bloody invasion of Ukraine, even as the White House resists the idea, which it argues would drive up the price of gasoline and other energy costs for Americans.

The effort reflects a furious, bipartisan backlash on Capitol Hill to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and his unprovoked offensive in Ukraine, an attack that has left thousands dead and sent 1 million Ukrainians fleeing from their country in just a week.

The growing momentum behind the effort, which experts have said would be largely symbolic, also underscored how few tools both Congress and the White House have at their disposal as they grasp for new ways to weaken Mr. Putin."

Catie Edmondson and Clifford Krauss report for the New York Times March 3, 2022.


"Bid To Ban Russian Oil Imports Gains Steam On Capitol Hill" (E&E News)

Source: NYTimes, 03/04/2022